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Importance of Shankha (Conch) in hindu religion

Shankha plays an integral part in pooja and a mandatory part of the pooja items. Shankha is a sacred conch shell, which forms a part of the religious tradition of the Hindus. Pooja, which is a form of the religious practices of the Hindus, remains incomplete without the blow of the Shankha. Shankha is said to purify the environment from all evil effects. The Shankha has also a scientific significance. Shanks come in great varieties like, Dakshinavarti Shankhas, Vaamavarti Shankhas, Ganesha Shankhas, Gaumukhi Shankhas, Kauri Shankhas, Moti/Pearl Shankhas.

The vibrations from the blow of the Shankhas clear environmental pollution and heal the hole in the ozone layer. It thus prevents global warming. Scientific research proves that the blowing of a conch shell helps to enhance the positive psychological vibrations like, determination, optimism, courage, hope, willpower, etc. in the blower as well as those around him.

Dakshinavarti Sankha And Its Benefit In Humen Life

 Benefits of Right hand Lakshmi Shankh

 Brings prosperity and abundance to the worshipper's house.
 No shortage of food, money or clothes.
 Brings happiness and peace to the premises.
 If kept in the bedroom, it brings untiy and harmony among the couple.
 If kept during a religious gathering, it brings knowledge by evoking Goddess Saraswati.
 It enlightens the students with knowledge and sharpens their memory.
 To get rid off malefic planetery effects, evils and black magic. Just fill it with Ganges water and sprinkle it on a person or in a premises.
 Removes ill-effects of Brahmhatya, Gau-hatya and Bal-hatya (Dosha due to killing of a priest,
cow or a child in the previous births).

Why do we blow a Shankha Conch during Worship?

A shankha symbolizes the universe. The sound of a conch is the same as the sound of the sacred syllable AUM OM. The sound of a conch spiritualizes the environment for worship or religious ceremony.


Rudraksha:- Religious significant of the Rudraksha Beads:
The lord of Shiva Mahamrityunjaya if chanted can only be done so on a Rudraksha rosary/rudraksha mala. Lord Shiva's mantra cannot be chanted on any other beads. Shiva says in different religious texts:
1. Individuals of all castes, ashrams, varnas should wear the rudraksha beads. Brahmins should wear it after consecration the beads with the appropriate mantra.
2. The individual who wears the rudraksha with devotion is like Rudra (Shiva) himself.
3. The man wearing the rudraksha is Rudra himself. If he drinks then Rudra drinks. The food he eats is equivalent to the food partaken by the deities. All his sins are alleviated.
4. One who feels any shame in wearing these divine beads can never be free from the cycle of birth and death even after taking a million births.
5. One who criticizes a rudraksha wearer is a sinner.
6. No pleasure is greater in the world then wearing a rudraksha.
7. One who wears the bead is a divine being and all his sins get destroyed.
Rudraksha:- Significant:
One face (Mukhi): - One face rudraksha is symbol of Parabramha. . One of the treasures of Pashupatinath temple is one face rudraksha, which is well preserved, and devotee get chance to see it once in a year. It is said that owner of one face rudraksha enjoy all kinds of worldly pleasures. It is very auspicious valuable and rare it is enough if one can see it once.
Rudraksha:- Benefits:
1. Laxmi (the goddess of wealth) always stays in house where rudraksha is worshiped.
2. Effect of rudraksha is felt with in 40 days.
3. Rudraksha can prevent from untimely death.
4. Rudraksha helps to gain long life.
5. Rudraksha eliminates many sins and troubles.
6. It has power to bestow wealth and fulfill human desire.
7. One who wears rudraksha with faith and devotion attains salvation.
8. Rudraksha gives us boon which is equivalent of many pilgrims.


Shree Yantra

The Shree Yantra in the 3 Dimensional Meru Type is popularly made in Sphatik Crystal and is a multi Pyramid Cosmic Grid signifying unlimited abundance and positive powers. This is Multi pyramidal Geometry with 7 Pyramid steps and 43 petals with Base angle of 51.5032. Exact matching of this Geometry brings about optimum results. In India and China the Shree Yantra is used by Business class and the affluent .On seeing that this Geometry in 2D or 3D form symbol INVARIABLY brings in tremendous amount of Affluence, Abundance and Harmony this was termed as "Shree Yantra" - "Shree" meaning "wealth" and "Yantra" - Meaning "Instrument" - "The Instrument for Wealth" . The Shree Yantra brings about material and spiritual wealth .


In the cosmos there are three states-Creation, Establishment and Destruction and these are represented by the three circles in the Shree Yantra which in itself is the symbol of the universe or cosmos. When this circle is elevated it stands as a symbol of Sumeru Mountain balancing the whole universe and it contains of all the worlds situated in the Sumeru Mountain, as described in Puranas. It is called "Meru Prastha Shree Yantra" and is the best of all.

Shree Yantra is the worshipping place of the form of the super goddess, Mahatripur Sundari. It is Her divine abode. All the gods and goddesses are worshipped in it and all other religious adorations are done here. It includes all the conducts, all the learning and all the elements. The rightful person of all sects, castes and creeds can believe in it as the religious practitioners and priests.

Well proved and well designed by nine chakras - four Shiva chakras and five Chakras of the goddess shakti incarnate, Shree Chakra is the manifestation of Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti. The fruit of benefit which is gained after performing duly one hundred Ashvamegha Yajnas, that can be acquired only by having a sight (vision) of the Shree Yantra.

There are three kinds of Shree Yantra, Bhuprastha, Kurma Prastha and Meru Prastha. Shree Yantra that is plain is called Bhuprishtha -(Back of the Earth), one which is raised on a tortoise back is called "Kachchhap Prishtha" and that which is raised fully like the Sumeru Mountain is called Meru Prishthha like a Mountain.

Shree Yantra can be chiseled out of a crystal piece, engraved on crystal, precious stones, on copper or silver metals in plain plans or elevated plans. But out of all these Shree Yantras, the Yantra which is dug out of crystal, chiseled minutely in an elevated form i.e. in Meru Form is regarded as the best of all. Crystal Shree Yantra is the best for the householder also.

ShreeYantra Sthaapana

ShreeYantra Sthaapana in your home/office/vehicle is done on a Friday . Soak in saline water overnight (Thursday night ) . This takes away all negativity from the crystal . Then take it out , wash in normal water and keep on moist earth (mud) under sunlight for few hours . Then take it for Puja .

Place Yantra on a plate and wash it with water , and milk . Then wash it again with water . Light incense and sprinkle water where the Yantra is to be kept chanting "Aim Hreem Namah" . Place yellow cloth and a sheet of silver/gold and place Yantra on it . Put Kum Kum/ Sandal paste and a coral mala on the Yantra . A Shivling is also placed near the Yantra during Pran Prathistha . Offer flowers (yellow) , Gur (jaggery) , raw turmeric and incense to the Yantra . Chant 108 times the following mantra on a Lotus seed rosary

"Om, Shreem Hreem Shreem Kamle Kamalalaye Praseed, Praseed,
Shreem, Hreem Shreem Om Mahalaxmaye Namah"

Then cover Shree Yantra with red cloth .

Pray and worship every Friday without lifting from Seat . Every Friday take off the red cloth and offer fresh flowers and offer Gur (jaggery) , raw turmeric and incense to the Yantra . Rest of the days only have sight (darshan) of the Yantra by lifting the red cloth.

The tip of the Shree Yantra is called the aerial or antenna in scientific term and is called Mahatripur Sundari which means Niwas Sthan (home) of Sampoorna (all) Devis and Devtas (God and Goddess) in religious term.

Meditation is done on the tip of the Shree Yantra (Mahatripur Sundari) and while chanting Mahalaxmi Mantra concentrate on the tip and meditate with open eyes. It is also helpful for students in achieving focus and intelligence .


Since Shreeyantra works on the cosmic ray theory, apart from Hindus even Muslims, Parsis, Christians and people following other religions also believe in it because they believe in the cosmic ray theory of the stones. They do not do Puja like the Hindus but they keep it near their Holy Books or at the place of worship. They also concentrate on the tip and meditate while chant the lines from their holy books with open eyes.

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